Boosting Urban Greening


SoliDrip develops a groundbreaking new technology that grants plants the control of irrigation.
Our solution is an autonomous irrigation system, designed to support gardens at any scale, outdoor and indoor. Our system always provides the optimal amount of water for each plant and automatically adjusts to any environmental changes. Our technology saves a substantial amount of clean water, prevents water runoff damages, and dramatically reduces gardens' maintenance cost. The SoliDrip system is easy to install, needs no maintenance nor electricity.

SoliDrip was founded in 2018 with a mission to boost urban greening by expanding green lung areas on the building's rooftops, walls, balconies, and courtyards.

The SoliDrip system makes urban greening easy for everyone everywhere. Our vision is to become the standard water irrigation platform for urban green space, expanding urban green lungs, enabling easier, more cost-effective, and much more efficient growing methods of green areas.


The Challenge

Suitable Watering System

Urban green spaces today are watered using agriculture technologies not suitable for that purpose. Existing irrigation systems are designed to provide the same amount of water to each plant and at the same time. Urban green spaces are relatively much smaller than agriculture areas and characterized by a variety of plants and planting methods, under fluctuating environmental conditions. Each plant requires a specific amount of water at different times and frequencies. Using agriculture-watering systems in urban spaces often results in insufficient or excessive watering, which results in substantial clean water wastage, water runoff damage, high maintenance costs, high rate of plant mortality, and limited plant diversity.

What Your Garden Needs

Various types of plants have different irrigation requirements depending on numerous factors, such as type of plant, rate of growth, relative humidity, and planting method (pots, beds, planters, ground etc).

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, wind, light exposure, soil type and gravitational seepage, also affect the irrigation requirements of the various plants. Insufficient watering or excessive watering is detrimental to the plant and its root system.

Pre-Set Watering Plan

The use of a standard irrigation system, where plants arranged along the same irrigation line, receive the same amount of water at the same time, poses a similar threat of excessive or insufficient watering.

The Solution

Water On-Demand

A 100% autonomous mechanical water valve system that reacts to the soil moisture level in the plant's root system environment and provides the exact water amount needed.

Personelized Care

Each plant gets the optimal amount of water it needs, and when it is needed regardless of planting method, plant growth rate and any changes of environmental conditions


The system requires zero maintenance. No need for electric power supply or batteries. The system can be easily installed by any homemaker or amateur gardener.

SoliDrip Device

A single device can water up to one square meter of the planting area. *The Solidrip Device is Patent Protected.

The SoliDrip System

Compatible to any standard irrigation micro pipe. The Solidrip irrigation system includes a water pressure regulator (1.5 bar ) and a proprietary pipe burst protection device.

New Era In Urban Greening

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Gad Marton

Founder and CEO

Didi Sol

Founder and CTO

Dina Vince

VP Business Development

Joel Stern

Director of Oporations

Ariel Grinberg, Ph.D

Advisor - Environment Engineering

Eliad Sasoni

Advisor - Senior Agronomist

Nimrod Oref

Advisor- Land Scape Engineering